Harvest season is coming! It’s still hot as hell here in Salem during the day, but you can feel Fall sneaking in on the wind at night. It’s the perfect day to do a tarot meditation and dive into the Crow totem meaning.

Crow Spirit is a messenger of magic, creation, and spiritual strength—a traveler between worlds that can connect you to past lives and other planes.

If you want to look beyond as the veil thins this Samhain season, call on crow energy.

To the Celts, the crow was associated with creation.

In Roman mythology, crows were white as snow. It wasn’t until the crow brought bad news to Apollo that it turned black.

The Norse god Odin had two crows as messengers, Huginn (“thought”) and Muninn (“memory”).

While the crow is infamous for its raucous voice, legend has it that when crows are alone, they sing melodically, like a songbird.

Tarot meditation to connect with crow totem

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply until your heart rate slows and steadies.

Call to the great Crow spirit. Ask Crow to join you in meditation, and offer you guidance about your future.


As the harvest season approaches, what can I usher into my life that will be in my best and highest good?

And then? Listen.

Write down any thoughts and impressions you have when you are finished. Look back on your notes over the next few days. Sit in meditation with them to explore what you unearthed in greater depth.

Is crow your totem?

Have crows been showing up for you lately? Is Crow your spirit totem? Leave a comment below, I’d love it if you shared!

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