Quartz Electroculture Wand #57


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About this wand
This wand is 10.25 inches long topped by a 2 inch long quartz point and a tight copper vortex.

How I make my quartz and copper wands
I hand select each quartz point for its high vibration, specific growth pattern, energetic frequency, and spiritual radiance. I physically wash each stone in fresh water, then energetically cleanse and infuse it with clear, Reiki light. 

This particular batch of wands was created late in the night on Beltane, May 1, 2023. 

I use thick, 99% pure copper wire, the metal of Venus, love, and good partnerships. It’s also an excellent conductor of elemental energies. 

The copper secures the stone to a wand made of natural bamboo. Bamboo is known for weathering almost any storm, and for being firm but flexible. It will bend in the harshest of wind, but very rarely will it break. This is an excellent, strong but neutral energy to bring to any gardening or ceremonial endeavor. 

I do all of this in shamanic ceremony here in my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts, surrounded by my spirit helpers, including a number of crystal and plant spirits.

The result?

Each is a completely unique and magical, one-of-a-kind wand with its own energy and power.

What magic will you create with it? 

How to use your wand with plants

These wands are amazing allies and energetic tools to help your plants and garden grow!

They are designed using the principles of electroculture, an ancient technique of harnessing aether from the atmosphere to help boost growth, improve your environment in various ways, and increase overall vibrancy. All of my wands are wound clockwise from the bottom up. 

To use these wands with plants, simply insert them firmly into your indoor plant pots, an inch of two away from the base of your plant, and an inch or two down into the soil (or so that they stand up securely).

You can also use them outside in your garden, where the wood and copper will take on a unique patina when they weather and age as they are exposed to the elements. Neither the wood nor the copper are coated, so expect them both to change in appearance over time. 

When the temperatures drop below 45 degrees F., it’s ideal to bring them inside to help preserve the integrity of the stones and keep them from potentially cracking in low temperatures or sudden weather fluctuations. 

How to use your wand in ceremony

Depending on your tradition, these wands can be used in ceremony and ritual, to call energies and spirit guardians, and to bless and direct energy and your innate spiritual power.

You can also use them to assist with chakra and meridian clearing, and with many different types of energy healing. They are a tool to focus your intent and to help you with your practice of conscious manifestation. 

It’s my pleasure and honor to provide you with these magical tools to assist you with your own personal, alchemical journey.

You will receive the exact wand pictured

Please note that this listing is for the copper-wound stone wand only. All other crystals, stones, and materials are for display purposes only.

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