This post will give you a quick intro to the three worlds that make up shamanic reality.

In shamanic tradition, there are 3 worlds–states of non-ordinary reality that are richly layered over our consensual reality (the physical world most of us walk around in most of the time).

You reach each through the process of shamanic journeying.

More on each—and how to journey—in future posts.

Here’s a quick overview of the shaman’s three worlds.

The lower world in shamanic reality

Contrary to what many might think, the lower world is a place of discovery, exploration, learning, and healing.

This is the land of power animals and spirit helpers. It’s a natural landscape that often resembles places here on earth.

To journey to the lower world, you’ll usually travel through a portal of some kind, like a cave or a hole in a tree.

The middle world in shamanic reality

This is the non-ordinary reality version of our physical world.

When you journey, this is where you’ll usually pop out when your consciousness first leaves your body, before you head to the upper or lower worlds.

You can find nature spirits here, as well as confused spirits of the departed. Middle World residents don’t operate according to human ethics, so be careful journeying here. It’s easy to get led astray.

The upper world in shamanic reality

In general, this is where you’ll find your spirit teachers and receive your shamanic education.

They’ll usually appear in the form that’s most useful for you at the time (a monk, a dragon, an ascended master, etc.).

To travel to the upper world, you also use a portal, but one that typically points UP. Think tree branches, mountains, clouds.

Do you do shamanic journey work?

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