About Sanctuary

What we think, we create. What we feel, we attract. What we imagine, we become.

Sanctuary Everlasting offers you spiritual tools and insight designed to help you step more and more into your personal power, create lasting change, and manifest the life you desire.

What is
Sanctuary Everlasting?

“Sanctuary” will mean something different to everyone who reads this.

Refuge. Peace and quiet in the midst of chaos. Sacred space. A haven. A home. A place to rest, restore, and regenerate.

Whatever you want to achieve, allow me to share information that you can use to help carefully craft a reality you love. One that lasts. One that is uniquely and utterly yours.

Practical mysticism you can

use every day

Want a little more woo in your life? Time is a luxury these days. You don’t need to spend 30 years alone in a mountain cave or 3 weeks in an ashram to be more spiritual. Let me plug you into practical mysticism you can use every day, in between all the very real human stuff that occupies a lot of your time. (I’m talking work, school, kids, errands, etc.)

Learn about metaphysics, spirituality +

the occult


Crystal lore + meanings

Learn the meaning of different crystals and stones, as well as how to work with their energy.  


Tarot + divination

Regular oracle posts may help you draw deeper insights into your life, relationships, and the world around you.



Learn how to craft your own personal rituals designed to help you manifest your desires, honor the seasons, promote abundance, and support healing of physical and spiritual imbalances. 



Get clear instructions for meditations designed around a single concept to help you explore consciousness, spirituality, and your unique path. 


Ancestral spirits + spirit guides

Get insight into how to connect and communicate with your past and future ancestors, spirit guides, elemental forces, and power animals.  

Shop for
one-of-a-kind spiritual tools

Empower your practice with modern energetic tools that are beautiful, potent, and evocative. Use them to adorn your personal sacred space, enrich your daily life, and help manifest your desires. I create or curate all goods in my sacred space in magical Salem, MA.


Rare, high-vibration crystals

I personally select each stone, then bless it to support your spiritual work.


Hand-carved candles

Manifestation candles carved by hand for a range of purposes and custom infused with energy to help you achieve your unique goals.


Smudges and incense

High-quality smudge bundles, incense, and resins for ritual and meditation work, and to cleanse and bless your space, body, and belongings.


Bespoke jewelry

Wear your magic! Luxurious adornments created with intention using specific combinations of precious metals and natural stones.


Reiki sessions

Distance Reiki healing sessions designed to hold sacred space for you or your animal companion, encourage healing, and help you tap into your own radiant spiritual light. Learn more here.

Hi. I’m

Jessie Cross.

I’ve been called a lot of things. Medicine woman. Witch. Priestess. Healer. Herbalist. Shamanic practitioner. Oracle. Alchemist. Gypsy. Animal whisperer. Fairy godmother. Nerd. All of these apply in one way or another. But, at the end of the day, they’re just labels.

I’m a witch of Eastern European lineage. I have one foot in the modern business world and the other firmly planted in the old ways and that which is not easily perceived. I live in Salem, Massachusetts, spiritual mecca and vortex of beautiful, stormy energy up on the coast north of Boston. I’ve trained with some of the big names in a handful of modern witchcraft traditions.

I also hold a Master Teacher title in traditional Japanese Reiki. Ultimately, I’m following my own path. And I’m happy to help you discover or further yours.

Honestly? This site isn’t about me. I’m here to help. To give you a place to pause and gather your power in the middle of an increasingly crazy world. And, more importantly, to help you create your own sanctuary. One that lasts, whatever that means to you.

Let me help you get inspired. Offer you tools to empower your practice. And help put all the spiritual theory and Internet woo into practice in the real world to start to create meaningful change in your life.

End of story. And also the beginning.