Botanical Holy Waters

Small batch Flower and Gem essences

These homeopathic essences carry the energetic imprint of the botanicals, crystals, metals, and other sacred materials. Crafted with intention and ceremony, under specific astrological timing, they’re a potent ally for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices.     

Handcrafted with intention in small batches in my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Water is a sacred, living substance. I use a unique combination of botanicals, crystals, metals, and other natural objects to create essences that are energetically powerful — and one of a kind. I create a hand-drawn mandala for each, and ritually bathe them in high vibration sound medicine, including chanting, tuning forks, and singing bowls.

My Botanical Holy Waters are made following traditional homeopathic methods, a form of age-old enchantment that structures the water and imbues it with a powerful energetic imprint. The final Botanical Holy Waters retain none of the original physical materials, but are infused with their energetic essence.

The result? A potent potion that you can use in myriad ways.

Sanctuary Everlasting Botanical Holy Waters
How to use Botanical Holy Waters

Botanical Holy Waters are ideal for blessing your body, possessions, ritual objects, and space.

Mist to clear and bless the air around you in your home or office. Anoint your chakras before you leave the house for the day. Bless doorways and windows. Sprinkle on sacred objects and jewelry with intention. Use in ritual cleansings, or as you open or close a sacred circle, or begin a meditation or prayer, energetic practice, or shamanic journey.

The Botanical Holy Water you’ll receive contains enchanted spring water that’s been fixed with alcohol to preserve it. (Did you know? “Enchanted” comes from the Latin “Encanto,” which means “to sing to.”)

They are energetic elixirs, and are meant for external use only (not for use with children or pets).


Born of fire, stone, roots, and thorns, my Protection Botanical Holy Water is intended to be used whenever you desire a little extra insulation from interfering, chaotic, or intrusive energies. I like to think of it as Magickal Scotch Guard. Contains the imprint of a mixture of strongly protective elements, including Salem Railroad iron, granite, white pine, black tourmaline, selenite, black pepper, rose thorns, and more.   


I create this Botanical Holy Water with the intention to open and expand your heart chakra. Use it to help tap into this limitless, divine energy field to fill yourself with love, and raise your vibration. It’s blessed with the energy of Venus, as well as certain flowers and stones with an affinity for heart-based work, including rose petal and root and leaf, jade, pure copper, kunzite, emerald, apple seeds, violet leaf, beeswax and honey.   


Oracles. Sages. Seers. Use this Botanical Holy Water to help enhance the clarity of your vision when you do psychic workings, including tarot readings and divination. I designed this to help you connect with the energy of your third eye and pineal gland. It’s also a potent ally for any kind of lucid dreaming practice. Materials include mugwort, high-altitude Tibetan quartz, moonstone, brookite, moldavite, copper, silver, frankincense, wild lettuce, California poppy, and sacred blue lotus petals.  

Ancestral Spirit 

In my experience, our ancestors are always with us. That means grandmothers — and the spirits of those who came countless generations before. Use this Botanical Holy Water to in meditation to meet your ancestors in the space between the realms, and help connect with their guidance and wisdom. This Botanical Holy Water may also be an excellent ally in any kind of past or between-lives regression, channeling, or mediumship work. Materials include sterling silver, sacred tobacco that I grew myself, paprika, spirit quartz, moldavite, mugwort, turtle shell, Shaman stone collected at Beltane 2023 off the coast of Salem, and more.    


Made with pure gold leaf, cinnamon, rice, orange peel and seed, Baltic amber, and a handful of rare botanicals and crystals known for their affinity with prosperity magick, use this Botanical Holy Water in any working to enhance abundance in your life. 

Grandmother Poke

I have a very special relationship with the spirit of the Poke plant (Phytolacca americana). Known as a common weed in the Northeast, it’s one of the best plant spirit medicines for moving stuck or congested energy that I know. This Botanical Holy Water may be an excellent ally in any kind of detoxification or uncrossing work — or when you are working to remove barriers and resolve sticky challenges. I make this from Poke that I personally grow (root, stem, leaf, and berry), along with a potent combination of stones and other items designed to help you open the way.    

Solar Power

Made on the Summer Solstice in Salem, MA, this limited edition Solar Power elixir is like sunshine in a bottle! Infused with crystals and plants with a strong affinity for the Light, this Botanical Holy Water may help you connect with the power of the Sun. Materials include pure gold leaf, olive leaf, St. John’s Wort, Baltic amber, citrine, Bay laurel, frankincense, and more.  

Lunar Power

This Botanical Holy Water was infused with watery gems and herbs for one full moon cycle. It carries the balanced energies of the full and new moons to help you connect with Lunar and psychic energies. Materials include sterling silver, moonstone, labradorite, selenite, moonflower, mugwort, jasmine, nutmeg and sage flower.  

Dragon’s Eye

The Dragon Spirit carries with it luck, power, great fortune, and the boon of treasure finding. Use this Botanical Holy Water to empower workings that need a little extra luck. Materials include natural ruby recordkeeper crystal, jade, pure gold leaf, red ginseng root, and reishi mushroom.   


Sometimes you need to rest and reset — and get accumulated spiritual gunk off of you. This is one cleansing tool I wouldn’t be without. It can aid you in your efforts to purify and release energies that aren’t aligned with your highest good and no longer serve you. Materials include sterling silver, selenite, black tourmaline, rain water and sea water collected on the Dark Moon, sage flower, dandelion root, lemon peel and seed, three different kinds of salt, and charcoal from a sacred fire.    

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