Deeply transformative shamanic journeying

Spirit walking session

What is spirit walking?

Spirit walking is the personal, intuitively guided shamanic journeying practice I’ve developed based on 25 years of study,  regular meditative practice, and work with my Spirit Guides.  

These sessions are deeply experiential, meditative journeys. I’ll connect to you or your animal companion on a Soul level. Then together, we’ll spirit walk to my Astral Temple to do completely personalized work designed to promote healing and transformation.

No two sessions are ever the same!

What should I expect?

According to quantum physics, everything is energy and everything is connected. People don’t necessarily need to
be in the same physical location to connect energetically.

During your spirit walking session, we’ll connect over Zoom or by phone. I ask that you sit or lay down in a quiet place and turn off your phone and TV so you’re undisturbed.

I’ll guide you through a meditation from my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts that’s designed to connect with your Soul and spirit guides, and explore the work that you’d like to do.

Book your Spirit Walking Session

Sessions are available at a fixed rate, and typically last about 90 minutes. Once you purchase a session, I’ll email you to schedule a time that works for us both.

Explore other energetic sessions

In addition to spirit walking, I offer other sessions where I hold sacred space for you to help promote transformation and accomplish your goals, whatever they may be.  


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Let me share my experience with you

I have nearly 30 years of experience working in the esoteric, spiritual, and healing arts. Learn more about me.

My goal is to provide you with super sensible and highly accessible instruction in a variety of areas, to help you consciously manifest the life you desire!

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