One-of-a-kind experiences for you or your animal companion

Energetic SessioNs

Energetic clearing

Are you feeling stuck? Or congested? Have you experienced a life event that you need help putting in perspective? I practice and teach energetic clearing on spiritual, energetic, and physical levels. That means chakra and and aura cleansing. Cord cutting and ancestral work. And physical cleansing of your body, belongings, and environment. Learn more about how you may benefit from an energetic clearing session.     

Reiki treatments

Treatments are available in 30-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions. Reiki treatments are designed to help you uncover your radiant light and facilitate whatever physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing you may need.

Spirit walking sessions

Spirit walking is a personal, intuitively guided shamanic journeying practice I’ve developed based on 25 years of study, regular meditative practice, and work with my Spirit Guides. Each session is a unique guided meditation, and offers you the potential for a deeply transformative experience.

How do distance energy sessions work?

According to quantum physics, everything is energy and everything is connected. People don’t necessarily need to
be in the same physical location to connect energetically.

I conduct all my energetic sessions remotely  with you from my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts.

Once you purchase your session, I’ll email you to arrange a date and time.  

Let me share my experience with you

I have nearly 30 years of experience working in the esoteric, spiritual, and healing arts. Learn more about me.

My goal is to provide you with super sensible and highly accessible instruction in a variety of areas, to help you consciously manifest the life you desire!

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