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Tools to enhance and empower your magick

Electroculture Wands

Hand-wound wands made from bamboo, 99% pure copper wire, and natural crystals and stones. Use them to energize your plants and garden. You can also use them in your ceremonies, rituals, and healing sessions to focus your intent and direct energy. Learn more and shop.     

Beach Stone Wands

Clear Quartz Point Wands

Amethyst Point Little Sweeties Wands

Botanical Holy Waters


These limited edition, homeopathic essences carry the energetic imprint of the botanicals, crystals, and other sacred materials. Crafted with intention and ceremony, under specific astrological timing, they’re a potent ally for meditation, prayer, and spiritual practices.     

Ancestral Spirit Botanical Holy Water

Prophesy Botanical Holy Water

Abundance Botanical Holy Water

Dragon's Eye Botanical Holy Water

Love Botanical Holy Water

Solar Power Botanical Holy Water

Lunar Power Botanical Holy Water

Grandmother Poke Botanical Holy Water

Protection Botanical Holy Water

Rare Crystals and Stones

I hand select beautiful, unusual, and one-of-a-kind high-vibration crystals and stones just for you, from points and clusters to etched beach wishing stones . I energetically cleanse them in my sacred space in Salem, then infuse them with Reiki light so they’re ready to receive whatever intention you like.

Clear Quartz

Smoky Quartz

Herkimer Diamond

Hand-Carved Manifestation Candles

Harness the power of fire to help consciously manifest change in your life. I hand-carve these 7-day candles with  magickal symbols in my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts. Each candle is rubbed with fragrant, sacred oils appropriate for its purpose. Glittering, all-natural mica powder enhances the designs and helps reflect the energy of your intention towards you. 


Use as part of your personal ritual to help draw the energy of abundance and prosperity into your life.


Dressed with healing oils, burn as part of your personal ritual to help promote healing.


Infused with creative energy and deeply etched with potent symbols of road opening and manifestation.

Fragrant Smudges + Incense 

A selection of high-quality smudge bundles, incense, loose herbs, and resins. Use them to enhance ceremony and meditation, and cleanse and bless your space, body, and belongings.

Organic Frankincense Resin

Boswellia sacra, harvested by hand in Somalia

Organic Myrrh Resin

Commiphora myrrha, harvested in Somalia

Palo Santo Wood

Bursera graveolens, harvested in Ecuador

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry

Handmade malas, bracelets, and other luxurious adornments created with intention using specific combinations of precious metals and natural crystals. Each is unique and designed to help you step deeper into your purpose. Wear your magic!

Sandalwood and Olive Wood Mala Bracelets

Smooth sandalwood beads blessed by a Tibetan lama. Olive wood rosary beads, hand carved in Jerusalem, a sacred pagan place and later holy religious city. Heavy, solid sterling silver skull bead.    

Nephrite Jade Mala Bracelets

Mined in Northern British Columbia. Untreated, deep green nuggets with a silky texture and a weighty feel on your wrist. They emanate a strong heart-healing energy, and are positively luminous in the sunlight.

Chinese 8 Immortals Labradorite Bracelet

Rare, chunky labradorite beads carved in the image of the 8 Chinese immortals. It’s said that each immortal transcended their humanity to become supernatural, and had powers to grant life, heal, or fight evil.

Explore classes and energy work

Discover a range of energetic treatments and personal development sessions. I offer classes and workshops — and more individual opportunities including a 12-month Materia Magicka apprenticeship and personal mentorships.


Classes and workshops

Learn about metaphysics, spirituality, and healing arts! Get inspired and learn practical skills you can put to use right away, in your everyday life. I also offer natural health coaching, coming in Winter 2023. Learn more here.


Energetic sessions

One-of-a-kind energetic sessions for your or your animal companion, from Reiki and energetic clearing to Spirit Walking sessions, my personal shamanic journeying practice. Learn more here.

Let me share my experience with you

I have nearly 30 years of experience working in the esoteric, spiritual, and healing arts. Learn more about me.

My goal is to provide you with super sensible and highly accessible instruction in a variety of areas, to help you consciously manifest the life you desire!

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