Electroculture Wands

What is electroculture?

Electroculture is an age-old gardening practice designed to harness the earth’s atmospheric energy (a.k.a. chi, prana, aether). Many have found that it may help boost crop yields, enhance plant growth, attract pollinators, and create a more vibrant environment. 

Each wand is hand wound and infused with Reiki energy in my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts. 

Whimsical and magical, no two wands are alike. Discover one-of-a-kind creations that are uniquely yours. 

About My Electroculture Wands
Bamboo, thick 99% pure copper wire, natural crystals and stones

Stick them in the soil in potted indoor plants or outside in your garden, where the copper and wood will develop a unique patina over time as they are exposed to the elements. Bring them inside when the temperatures dip below 45 degrees F or when there is harsh weather to help preserve the crystal.


Clear Quartz Wands

Made with completely natural, clear quartz points. I select each crystal for its shape and energy, then cleanse and bless it, and infuse it with Reiki energy. I hand make each wand from scratch in shamanic ceremony in my sacred space, using no tools or forms, just my hands and my intuition. Each one shines with its own unique spiritual light! Find the one that calls to you!    

Beach Stone Wands

These wands were created using stones that were hand selected from the rocky shores by Salem, Massachusetts, under specific astrological timing. The stones are 100% natural, and have been washed and tumbled in the briny waters of the Atlantic Ocean, and blessed by the light of the sun and the moon. Beach stone wands can help you connect to the element of water, ocean energy, and sea spirits. They bring the magic of the waves, water, and tides to your home, your garden, and your ceremonies.  

Rare Wands

These wands are made with some of my favorite, extra special stones. Rare quartz formations. Beach stones with complete circles, often called wishing stones, or with other markings etched into them. Some with double and triple stones. Give your garden and ceremonies an extra boost!

Little Sweeties Wands

How does your garden grow?

Connect with me on social media and share your pics and stories!

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