White Quartz Beach Stone Wands (Little Sweeties)


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Bring the magic of the ocean and the water element to your home and  garden

These white quartz wands are a perfect magical decoration and energetic boost for your potted plants and garden!

I personally foraged these small, white quartz stones from a beach near my home in Salem, Massachusetts, where they were washed in the powerful and frosty waves of the open northern Atlantic Ocean.

These stones are small but mighty!

This release is part of my Little Sweeties line. They will add a touch of subtle whimsy–and a big energetic boost–to your plantings.

About these wands

The stones are between the size of a dime and a quarter, and are made with 99% pure copper wire and thin but sturdy bamboo stakes. Each wand is unique, but they are all about 9-11 inches long.

I hand wind them with ceremony in my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts.

Energetic Properties

White Quartz
These stones were gathered with specific astrological intent on Friday, May 12, 2023 at 6 pm. The moon was in Taurus, and it was the beginning of the last quarter.

White quartz is known to impart a sense of peace, tranquility, and ancestral wisdom. It helps promote balance, and can help connect you to the Great Spirit and Mother Gaia. Like all quartz, white quartz can hold and amplify your intentions.

Copper Wire
Copper carries with it the energy of the goddess Venus, which is strongly enhanced by the use of copper wire (Venus’s metal).

Bamboo Stake
Bamboo carries an energy that is firm but flexible (think of how bamboo will sway but not break in even the strongest wind).

Water Element
Take a look at this gorgeous, open ocean!


What is electroculture?

Electroculture is an age-old gardening practice designed to harness the earth’s atmospheric energy (a.k.a. chi, prana, aether). Many have found that it may help boost crop yields, enhance plant growth, attract pollinators, and create a more vibrant environment.

Traditionally, folks will wind copper wire around a wooden stick and plant it in the ground to help improve their garden. Many people add crystals and other embellishments to add energetic properties.

How to use your White Quartz Beach Stone Little Sweetie Wand

Firmly plant your wand in the dirt a few inches away from your plant (in a pot or in the ground outside). That’s it! Sit back and watch your garden grow!

I will select your wand for you

I made a bunch of these wands from this batch of stones. Each is unique. When you place your order, I will personally select your wand for you.




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