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Reiki Healing

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Treatments are available in 30-, 60-, and 90-minute sessions. Once you purchase a Reiki session, I’ll email you to schedule a time for your treatment.

What is Reiki?

In Japanese, “Reiki” translates to “spiritual energy.” It’s the great bright light of our true nature. The system of Reiki offers a set of tools to help uncover that radiant light.

Reiki practitioners are trained to hold healing space for clients. This helps the client’s great bright light shine through and facilitate whatever physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing they need. Reiki can help people shed the coverings of worry, anger, and fear to uncover their true self.

Reiki is actually a very shamanic practice, in that it offers us all the direct experience of healing and our true self.      

What is Reiki not?

Reiki is not me doing a magic spell on you. It’s not me directing my personal energy to affect yours. It’s not me manipulating a specific health condition to cause a specific outcome. I don’t “aim the Reiki” at an illness or injury.

Those are all things that may be possible with other kinds of energy work, but they’re not part of the practice of traditional Japanese Reiki. My distance Reiki sessions are designed to hold sacred space for you, encourage healing, promote balance and harmony, and help you tap into your own radiant spiritual light.

How does distance Reiki healing work?

According to quantum physics, everything is energy and everything is connected. People don’t necessarily need to
be in the same physical location to connect energetically.

During a distance Reiki session, I ask that you sit or lay down, calmly, in a quiet place. Turn your phone and TV off so you’re undisturbed. Set the intention that you receive whatever healing you need. (Simply affirm aloud, “I am open to receive whatever I need.”)

At the same time, I’ll connect with you energetically and sit in Reiki meditation with
you in my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts.

Once you purchase your treatment, I’ll email you to arrange a date and time for your Reiki session.  

Distance Reiki treatments for animals

Our animal companions typically love Reiki treatments. In a way, I find that they’re often easier to connect with than people. Animals are usually a lot more conscious of energy, and aren’t weighed down by the trappings of the human mind and ego.

During a distance Reiki session for a pet, I ask that you sit in a quiet place together. Set the intention that your animal receives whatever healing they need. I’ll hold sacred healing space for your animal, with the understanding that they’ll take what they need from the experience. This can be a wonderful way to create a deeper bond with your animal.

Once you purchase the treatment, I’ll email you to arrange
a date and time for your animal’s Reiki session.  


Where did you study Reiki?

I sat Shinpiden with Frans Steine of International House of Reiki twice. Shinpiden is also known as Reiki III or master/teacher level. It’s focused on the mystery teachings of the system of Reiki.

I sat for Reiki I (also known as Shoden) twice and Reiki II (also known as Okuden) once with Elise Brenner of Brenner Reiki Healing.

Frans and Elise are both phenomenal teachers and wonderful friends. I can’t recommend their classes enough. 

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Let me share my experience with you

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My goal is to provide you with super sensible and highly accessible instruction in a variety of areas, to help you consciously manifest the life you desire!

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