Last week, I strolled through the Cultural Survival Bazaar in the Prudential Mall in Boston. Check out this gorgeous crystal candle holder I picked up.

I bought this beautiful, handmade crystal candle holder from Roseanne Romiglio-Ashley, the artist behind Four Winds One Breath

Roseanne is a wonderful, warm spirit and I liked her immediately. 

She explained that her ancestors guide her to make each piece.

She works with their hands over hers. Beautiful stuff, ancestral spirit work.

Her heritage is a blend of Mi’Kmaq, Malecite (Algonquin), Blackfoot, French Canadian and Italian.

She creates each piece with a specific intention and imbues it with a prayer.

As I looked at my candle holder, she said to me, “If this piece is for you, the prayer on the card underneath it will make sense to you.”

And it 100% did. 

I won’t repeat the entire prayer here, but it’s all about evolving into the next stage, while staying firmly connected to the earth.  

I chose a piece with a spiral, made from stones and naturally sparkly Arkansas quartz.

It has such an intensely sweet high vibration.

More on Arkansas quartz in another post. It’s powerful juju if you can find a piece or two.

Roseanne shared that these particular stones all sat on her windowsill for a full month during the last total eclipse.

No wonder I felt magnetically drawn to them! 

The spiral resonates deeply with me.

In the practice of Reiki, the earth connection symbol is based around a spiral.  

It came with a pure Beeswax tealight, which for me, unites the energy of the Bee Spirit Totem with the element of fire, making it a powerhouse of creative energy. 

She gave me a printed card with a beautiful prayer from her ancestors prayer on it—and a big hug. 

I’m excited to start to light this up in my sacred space and work with it in meditation.

I’m a stoneworker, as you guys are coming to know, and am intensely drawn to crystals and rocks

It’s such a beautiful energy tool, combining high vibration quartz energy, Bee spirit energy from the beeswax candle, and the element of fire.

Let’s see what messages it helps to surface.

Tell me about your favorite candle holder?

Do you have a favorite candle holder or other tool you use to light your sacred fires?

Drop me a comment below, I love to learn about how other people work!

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