Today’s daily oracle card pull is the Messenger of Water. I love the imagery on this one. Try the dark moon clarity meditation at the end of this post to put the energy of this card to work for you.

The Messenger of Water is all about heightened emotional and spiritual awareness.

The fluidity of water, the element of emotion, transmissions from Spirit, the ancestors, and the quantum field…flowing around you and through you.

Today is the new moon, the dark moon. The energy of the stillpoint.

Seek your own council

Go inside.

This message has been coming through the last few days.

GO INSIDE, seek your own council.

Call it meditation. Call it ritual. Call it trance. Call it ceremony or prayer.

Whatever the label, the dark moon is a great time to tune out the noise of the every day world and do whatever helps you tap into your internal guidance.

Dark Moon Clarity Meditation

Sit quietly. Focus on your breath until your heart rate becomes slow and steady.


What should I cast off right now? What should I choose to bring forth?

And then? Listen.

When you’re done, write down any thoughts and impressions you may have had.

Look back on your notes over the next few days. Explore what you unearthed in greater depth, and make a plan to create some change.

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Dark Moon blessings, my friends.