Elestial quartz crystal is a powerful tool for spirit communication, psychic work, and channelling of all kinds. Let’s talk about elestial quartz meaning and its uses.

Sparkling elestial quartz crystal with inclusions

What is elestial quartz?

Elestial quartz is a type of natural quartz crystal that’s covered in natural terminations and layered, etched faces. It is a silicone dioxide crystal with a Mohs hardness of 7 (so, it’s pretty hard).

It’s sometimes also called “skeletal quartz,” though in truth when you get into minutia of different quartz formations, there are a ton of varieties.

The majority of elestials out there today are smoky quartz, though you can find clear ones as well.

Elestial quartz commonly has enhydro inclusions, which means they have small reservoirs of ancient water or natural yellow petroleum trapped inside.

Every piece of elestial quartz is unique.

Clear elestial quartz crystal with surface etchings

Elestial quartz meaning

Smoky elestial quartz is like a switchboard for spirit communication.

In and of itself, elestial quartz is a powerful tool for communicating with your spirit guides and the spirits of those who have crossed over.

Smoky quartz really helps pull etheric energies into denser form on the physical plane.

When you put the two together—and add an enhydro inclusion (pure, ancient water trapped as the crystal formed)—you have a powerhouse for communicating beyond the veil.

Smoky elestial enhydro crystals are worth seeking out.

I got these specimens from the crystal wizards at Village Silversmith (Thanks, guys!).

Healing work

Elestials are an amazing tool to ground etheric energies in the physical plane.

That makes them a potent tool for energy healers and lightworkers.

Use them in body layouts, to perform energetic extractions, to clear energy centers and meridians, and to direct chi for specific physical healing.

Spirit work

This kind of quartz is one of the most powerful carriers of energy from higher realms.

Again, think of them like a switchboard for Spirit. 

Meditate with them to connect with the spirits of loved ones who have crossed over, nature spirits, angels, and spirit guides.

Elestial quartz meditation exercise

Hold a piece of elestial quartz.

Close your eyes.

Focus on your breathing for a minute or two until your heart rate slows and steadies.

What is the one thing my spirit guides need me to know right now?

And then? Listen.

Over the next 24 hours, write down any impressions you have, synchronicities, or dreams. Reflect on them, and see if you want to make any changes or course corrections based on what you learned.

What’s your experience with elestials?

Have you worked with elestials? How about enhydro crystals?

Leave a comment! Would love it if you shared your experience! 

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