I love the Flamingo totem so much! It offers such a great animal medicine as we move towards Samhain and Fall.

As we approach the colder months, the veil is thinning and the spirit world is more easily accessible every day.

Flamingos help you embrace the in between.

Fall is a liminal time, a time of transition, harvesting, preparing for winter and journeying deep inside. This card is near and dear to my heart.

As a shamanic practitioner, I do a lot of work in the in-between spaces of spirit.

Flamingos hunt on the shore, the in-between place that connects the land and the sea.

Flamingo calls you to stay in touch with your emotions (water energy) but stay grounded (earth energy) as you do.

They’re also filter feeders, taking what they need, and expelling what they don’t. 

They’re all about grace and balance, able to stand on one foot while they keep the other snuggled up for warmth.

This is also a state of mastery and demonstrates their ability to control their energy. (Try standing perfectly still on one foot for 60 seconds. Not as easy as it looks, right?!) 

The flamingo’s pink color is closely associated with the heart chakra, that great central powerhouse of your body and spirit.

Staying grounded and centered in your heart will help you move through the shifting seasons in a more balanced way. 

Flamingo totem meditation exercise

Close your eyes. Put your hands over your heart to connect you more physically with this energy center.

Breathe deeply until your heart rate slows and steadies.


Where do I need to find balance right now in my life?

What’s off kilter for me?

What is one way I can start to bring that back into equilibrium? 

And then? Listen.

Write down any impressions or dreams you have over the next 24 hours. 

In the days to come, reflect on these notes. Consider how you want to move forward based on what you’ve learned.

Is Flamingo your animal totem?

Have flamingos been showing up for you lately? Is Flamingo your animal totem?

Please leave a comment below, I’d love it if you’d share!

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