I hit the Freaks Antiques and Uniques of Salem MA convention at the historic (and totally haunted) Hawthorne Hotel yesterday.

This was in between grocery shopping and laundry. All in a day’s work when you live in Salem, Massachusetts…

In keeping with it’s nickname, Witch City, Salem welcomes magic, the occult, and spiritual practice of all kinds with open arms.

What is this event about?

The Freaks, Antiques and Uniques Convention is a 2-day event devoted to oddities, curiosities and dark arts.

There was loads to see, from taxidermy and genuine human bones to handmade jewelry and homemade witchy bath products. I may have come home with a few treats.

Photos from Freaks, Antiques and Uniques

There was a lot of taxidermy and bird feathers. These pheasant wings would make great smudge fans.

Wicked Kreations by Jim had a great table loaded with legit human skulls and bones.

I also loved these hand carved talking boards.

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