It’s the evening of the full Harvest moon, a time that’s ripe for seeding intention and doing manifestation work. What will you bring to light on this brightest of dark nights? Try this simple full moon meditation for manifestation to bring something you desire into your life.

The full moon is an ideal time to draw things to you

As the moon waxes, it grows in size and power, reaching its pinnacle on the evening of the full moon.

Many say that you can work with the full moon’s energy the night before and the night after it peaks, as well.

I use this as my general rule of thumb (it’s practical…with everyone’s busy schedule, it’s hard to hit the exact timing on the head sometimes.)

Want to be precise? Look up the exact date and time of the next full moon.

Full moon meditation to manifest your desires

Go outside, under the light of the waxing, nearly full moon. Close your eyes. Focus on your breath until your heart rate steadies and slows.

Envision something that you want to draw into your life.

Don’t approach this from place of lack. (i.e. “I don’t have this thing and I wish I did.”)

Instead, imagine that you have already achieved this goal. See the outcome completely and fully, as though it has already happened and you are looking back on it.

Run the scenario like a movie in your mind as though it has already happened. That last bit is critical.

(For example, if you want to find the ideal mate, don’t envision yourself wishing you are in love. Instead, see yourself celebrating your 1st anniversary with this perfect person. You see the difference?)

When you’re done, say something to seal what you did. Whatever feels right.

For example: “It is already done.”

Or, if you want to be fancier, “As rising moon and setting sun, this is my will, and it is done.”

Keep that energy going

Now that you’ve set something into motion for yourself, it’s important not to second guess yourself. Or unravel what you’ve done by doubting yourself.

In the following days, continue to run your movie in your head once a night before bed. When you’ve finished, affirm again out loud that it is already done.

What are your full moon rituals?

How to you tap into the full moon’s energy? Leave a comment below, let me know!

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