Let’s talk about the meaning of Hawk totem and what it means for you when this animal spirit shows up. I’ve included a quick meditation at the end of this post to help you connect with Hawk’s energy.

I spotted this gorgeous hawk in Boston, perched on the roof terrace of one of the city’s tallest buildings.

Hawk totem is a messenger from the spirit world

When Hawk totem soars into your life, it’s a sign to pay attention. There’s a message right in front of you, or a message on its way. 

Hawks are emissaries from the spirit world.

They call to us to sharpen our vision and see things from a higher perspective.

How to work with hawk medicine

To work with Hawk medicine, heighten your powers of observation. Use all your 6 senses: sight, smell, touch, hearing, taste, perception.

Look for meaning in your surroundings, in the things you might normally consider “ordinary.”

Hawks and owls have a balancing energy

Hawks are mostly daylight hunters, and are ruled by the Sun.

They can pair energetically with Owl energy, which is lunar and nocturnal, to bring balance and harmonizing energy to a situation.

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Hawk totem meditation

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate slows and steadies. 

Call to Hawk spirit and ask for guidance.

Ask Hawk to take you on its wings. Imagine you are flying high into the sky

above your physical body, so you can look down at yourself and your life with a full view. 


Is there a situation right now where I’m getting stuck on the small details?

Looking at it from high above, what am I missing in the big picture?

What changes can I make based on this expanded view that will help me move forward with greater power and ease?

And then? Listen.

When you’re done, thank Hawk for joining you.

Write down any impressions or thoughts you may have. Over the next few days, reflect on your notes and see how they apply to your life right now.

Also, watch for hawks and hawk imagery showing up for you in unexpected places!

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