Heron is a powerful spirit animal totem.

Like all animal totems, it can help guide you in your life and work when it shows up. Read on to find out what its message may be for you.

Look for spirit animal medicine in unexpected places

I saw this heron statue in an unexpected, sort-of secret garden on a busy Boston street.

Remember, spirit animal medicine doesn’t have to appear in the literal live form of the animal.

In fact, it’s often the animal represented in the form that’s right for you at that moment. (“Right” for folks who don’t live in a place with a lot of wildlife often means “whatever form can get in front of your face.”)

For example, I frequently see animal imagery on the Boston subway or in signs around town. I also see animal images in the clouds.

I usually see live herons (and like, lots of them) from the train as we roll through the salt marsh, so this statue was a pretty delightful surprise when I was running errands in the city.

Meanings of heron animal totem

Herons wade in the water when they hunt, which gives them a powerful connection to the earth element (signaling strong grounding and manifestation energy) and water element (linked to the emotion and feeling).

Their long legs keep them nimble but help them balance. Proof positive that you don’t need to be massive to be strong and stable.

Herons are also masterful hunters, able to spear fish out of the water with fast, precise moves.

It waits patiently, a picture of stillness, focus and tranquility, and strikes just at the right time. Learn more about them here.

Herons are also symbols of wisdom and good judgment.

How to work with heron spirit animal medicine

There are a lot of ways to work with animal medicine. To get you started, here are some questions to ask yourself when heron spirit animal shows up for you:

  • Timing
    How is my sense of timing right now?
    Am I operating in flow, where things are easy and flow naturally?
    Or am I forcing things and feeling at odds with the world?
  • Judgment
    Is my judgment accurate at this time?
    Am I seeing clearly and making good decisions?
    Is my vision clouded by outside influences?
  • Opportunities
    What opportunities do I have in front of me right now?
    What can I move on right now that will benefit me?
    Where should I wait in order to have a better likelihood of success?

Is heron one of your totems?

Leave a comment below! I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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