I love stumbling across little bits of magic totally by accident. Just wanted to share these gorgeous pieces of selenite and large selenite logs with you guys!

You know you’re an unrelenting crystal nerd when you stop in the mall to take pictures of the selenite crystals on display, not the jewelry. 

I spotted these in the Copley Mall, in David Yurman’s window display.

What are large selenite logs?

Selenite is a a master cleanser, and can zap the bad vibes off of just about anything. It’s pretty easy to find in small or large log form and smaller sticks (both pictured here), or in small or large towers.

I have a few large selenite logs at home that I use to clear the energy of my jewelry and other things (tarot decks, other stones, etc.)

The large logs are great to use as display stands for crystals and other sacred items if they sit level enough to provide solid base.

Larger pieces of selenite are totally luminous, and radiate a clear, sweet, clean energy anywhere you place them.

Learn more about selenite crystals

To learn more about selenite crystals, check out my post on how to use them to cleanse your jewelry, body, and space.