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Spiritual care is part of good self care. And it’s not affiliated with any one institution or path. You don’t have to be religious to pray. You don’t have to be a witch to light a candle and focus on an intention. 

No matter how you identify, you’ll find knowledge and tools here to help empower you to create lasting change. 

I’ve packed this site with articles and guides on metaphysics and spirituality. You’ll get practical manifestation tools, tips, and rituals that are easy to fit into your everyday life. 

Learn about spirituality + mysticism

I share practical insight, tips, and exercises every week, drawing on decades of study and personal experience. Get info on manifestation, meditation, crystals, energy healing, candle magick, occultism, rituals, shamanism, quantum physics, Reiki healing, animal totems, plant medicine, and much more. 

Electric Eel Totem Meaning (Animal Spirit)

Electric Eel Totem Meaning (Animal Spirit)

When electric eel swims into your life, get ready for a powerful burst of energy you can use to manifest your desires, create new things, and heal yourself and those around you. Let's take a look at Electric Eel totem meaning.    First off, what is an...

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Snow Day in Salem, Sacred Cacao Medicine

Snow Day in Salem, Sacred Cacao Medicine

All the cozy feels from my nest to yours on this snowy day! I'm snuggled up in my attic office this morning. Candles lit. Little electric stove glowing. Coffee steaming. So my huge coffee mug is filled with strong organic French Roast that's laced with raw cacao,...

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Daily Oracle Reading: Motion (Threads of Fate Deck)

Daily Oracle Reading: Motion (Threads of Fate Deck)

DAILY READING—Pick a card! Today, I'm using the gorgeous shadow edition of the Threads of Fate oracle deck. I'm posting this at the beginning of December 2019, but this daily reading applies to you, TODAY, if you've come across it. Don’t overthink which card you...

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High-vibration crystals +

hand-carved manifestation candles

One-of-a-kind, high-vibration crystals
infused with Reiki healing energy. Hand-carved manifestation candles to help you draw your
desires to you. Energetic tools, incense, and
smudge bundles. Get ready. This is powerful
juju, born and blessed just for you in
my sacred space in Salem, Massachusetts.

Distance healing for you or your animal companion

Reiki Treatment sessions

About Sanctuary Everlasting

I created Sanctuary Everlasting to help you cut through all the Internet woo and get down to business – whatever that means for you. Manifesting abundance, peace, love, security, or change in your life. Learning how to meditate. Crafting potent rituals to step more and more into your personal power.   

I’m Jessie Cross, witch of Eastern European lineage, Reiki master, and shamanic practitioner. I have one foot in the modern business world and the other firmly planted in the old ways and that which is not easily perceived. I create and curate all content and goods in my sacred space in magical Salem, Massachusetts. Learn more about me and why I do what I do.