Much of modern society today trains people to give their personal power away.

To mistrust their own instincts. To look outside themselves and instead depend on experts, gurus and institutions for what to believe.

We’re taught to “go with the flow.” But not go with OUR flow. Instead of going within. Instead of following our own guidance.

What is good, bad, right, wrong? We judge ourselves and others according to the rules we’ve learned.

In his book The 4 Agreements, Toltec teacher Don Miguel Ruiz talks about human domestication and how we’ve learned beliefs and rules that make up society and our consensual reality.

Science has shown that there are neurons in both our hearts + our guts, as well as our brain. That means, in a way, your entire body is a tuning fork. It’s literally what they mean when they say, “trust your gut instincts.”

Learn to quiet your mind, listen, question and discern what feels right to you.

Personal power meditation

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate steadies + slows.

Think of a belief you hold dear.

This can be a religious belief, something you think is right or wrong, etc.


Why do I feel the way that I do?

Have I inherited this belief from those who raised me (parents, family, teachers, religion, etc.)? Or have I come to believe this through my direct experience? Or is it a combination of both?

When I consider this belief impartially, how do I really feel?

And then? Listen.

Write down any impressions or thoughts you have when you’re done. They don’t have to be fully baked ideas or even full sentences.

The idea is to capture what sticks with you from your moments in meditation, so you can reflect back in the coming days on what you have uncovered and learned.

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