Fall is in full swing here in Salem. But no matter what the season, a pumpkin-themed candle makes an excellent manifestation candle spell.

Pumpkins are potent symbols of fertility, which makes them excellent tools for manifestation work. (Check out this huge, carved pumpkin candle I picked up the other day!)

Pumpkin Manifestation Candle Spell

Get yourself a pumpkin shape or pumpkin-themed candle. It doesn’t have to look like mine. It just has to be one that YOU like.

On a piece of paper, write down an intention for something you want to accomplish over the next month. Do this in one sentence.

Then, surround it with drawings + symbols that represent your intention. As you write + draw, envision that you’ve already achieved your desire.

When you’ve finished writing, close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate steadies + slows.

Open your eyes. Light your pumpkin candle. Read your intention aloud 3 times. Slowly. In a loud, clear voice.

As you read, fill yourself with the emotion of joy + accomplishment that you’ve already achieved this goal. It’s already happened. The idea here is to feel it in your body. (If you want love, let your heart well up with love. If you want prosperity, feel the energy of abundance in your whole being.)

By focusing in this way, you’re working to steadily collapse potentials in the quantum field to achieve your desired result.

Repeat every day for a full moon cycle, reaffirming that you have already achieved your goal each time.

Learn more about the magickal meaning of pumpkins here and here.