Let’s talk about a few different stones you can use to help ground yourself and connect with elemental energy. I’m going to look at some of my favorite grounding crystals.

Wear your magic

Today’s bracelets are helping me ground, focus, and channel some really potent elemental energy.

This stack is made up of natural stone and sandalwood beads. Wearing bracelets like this lets me keep the energy of the stones in my field all day.

Shungite to cleanse and clear

This cleansing powerhouse connects you to the Earth element, while clearing dysfunctional energetic patterns and making way for a massive infusion of Spiritual light.

Shungite also also offers you loads of EMF protection. More on this in a future post.

Jet for elemental mojo

This lightweight, glossy black stone is actually a form of coal called lignite.

It’s created by the lithification of driftwood that’s been submerged in mud on the sea floor.

Think of it this way: Jet started out as a living tree, which then spent a ton of time in salty sea water and earth…to eventually become a stone.

That’s some powerful elemental mojo right there. It’s also one of my grounding crystals.

Lava for the fiery energy of creation

Made from igneous volcanic rock, these stones are like solidified fire.

Associated with the root and sacral chakras, work with lava stone to get in touch with the fire element and your primal kundalini creation energy.

Moss agate to communicate with nature spirits

A form of chalcedony, this grounding stone emanates a strong green ray, drawing your kundalini energy up to connect with your heart chakra.

Moss agate can also help you communicate with Nature spirits, devas, and elementals.

Because chalcedony is a type of microcrystalline quartz, you can also easily program it with an intention.

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