All the cozy feels from my nest to yours on this snowy day!

I’m snuggled up in my attic office this morning.

Candles lit. Little electric stove glowing. Coffee steaming.

So my huge coffee mug is filled with strong organic French Roast that’s laced with raw cacao, grass-fed heavy cream, medicinal mushrooms, and a little stevia.

I’ll post my recipe and more info on the plant energetics soon. It’s ridiculously tasty and very energizing.

This is my morning cacao ritual, and my days are always better when I start out this way.

Moving deliberately. Giving thanks.

Sitting with the sacred plant medicine and letting its energy move through me.

Sending roots down into the earth and shoots up into the clouds.

Anchoring to everything.

Hope you are all safe and warm! Did you get a lot of snow?