Read on for my Threads of Fate Oracle Deck review, Shadow Edition!

I’m super excited to start working with this new deck. Here are some quick thoughts on this deck by the talented, magical humans over at Threads of Fate.

What is the Threads of Fate Oracle Deck?

This 55-card deck has gilded edges, substantial-feeling velvet-matte laminated cards, beautiful (and sturdy!) rectangular box, and a small, 120-page booklet with card interpretations.

The deck is divided between 32 elemental cards with their own message, then throne cards that speak to bigger universal concepts.

It’s a shadowy-art version of their popular oracle deck. So many levels of interpretation on these little babies!

How the deck feels in your hand

The gilding on these cards is gorgeous.

They feel GREAT in the hand. Easy to hold, not slippery at all, cards separate well when shuffled—very comfortable to hold.

How the deck feels energetically

The imagery is really talking to me. Tarot is so personal, right?

For me, there’s enough play between the image and the words on the card to help me better tune in to my subconscious, higher self, and spirit guides.

I particularly love how the gilding catches and holds the light. Meaning on so many levels!

How I’ll use this deck

I mean, we’ll see once I start to work with the deck.

Off the bat, I’m thinking daily oracle card pulls—and that they’d be great to enhance lucid dreamwork right before bed.

Overall rating for my Threads of Fate Oracle Deck review?



This is an instant new favorite. I love these cards, and I just got them. I’m excited to see how my experience unfolds as I work with them more.

What do you think of the Threads of Fate Oracle Deck?

Do you have this deck or another by Threads of Fate?

Drop me a comment below, let me know what you think! How would you work with these cards?

Want to buy your own deck?

Head on over to the Threads of Fate to nab this deck or one of their other gorgeous offerings.

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