Check out these gorgeous views of The Witch House here in Salem, Massachusetts. I’m excited to kick off the 2019 Halloween season here. It will be my 13th here as a resident of Witch City.

Located at 310 Essex Street in Salem, The Witch House is the former home of Judge Jonathan Corwin, one of the judges called upon to investigate claims of witchcraft and diabolical activity during the Salem Witch trials of 1692.

Corwin took the place of Judge Nathaniel Saltonstall, who resigned after Bridget Bishop was executed.

He lived there from 1640-1718. The house remained in his family until the mid 19th century.

Each October, they gussy up the front with pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales and other decorations.

During the Halloween season, thousands of people come to tour the house and take pics on its historic threshold.

Its intricate windows are one of my favorite features. I love the lattice work.

Visitors can take self-guided tours of the house for a small entry fee. When you visit, you’ll get a glimpse into seventeenth century living, and a taste for what life was like in Salem during the infamous witch hysteria.

This place is reputed to be haunted, and was even featured on an episode of Ghost Hunters back in 2011.

Want to visit The Witch House?

The Witch House is open year round, with extended seasonal hours between March and November.

It’s also a popular venue for small events.

Learn more about The Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts.