When electric eel swims into your life, get ready for a powerful burst of energy you can use to manifest your desires, create new things, and heal yourself and those around you. Let’s take a look at Electric Eel totem meaning.   

First off, what is an electric eel?

In the physical world, the electric eel (electrophorus electricus), is a carnivorous fish that grows to reach 8 feet long and 40 lbs, and lives an average of 15 years in the wild.

These serpentine spirits have thousands of special cells called electrocytes that store up electrical power.

When they’re attacked, they can discharge this power all at once, in a single, massive jolt that can top 600 volts. (What a zap!)  

Technically speaking, the electric eel isn’t actually even an eel at all. It’s something called a knifefish.

While we’re talking electric fish, there are roughly 500 species of fish around the world that can deliver an electric shock.

It’s rumored that the ancient Egyptians used to treat arthritis pain with the shock from an electric catfish that lived in the Nile river. 

Electric Eel travels between worlds

Electric eels mainly live in streams and ponds in South America.

Though they live in the water, they breathe air, coming to the surface regularly.

Like many other animal spirits that go between the worlds (frogs, crocodiles, birds, seals, etc.), they can help you link your emotions (the element of water) with your mind (the element of air). 

Electric eels link you to the unseen

Electric eels have poor eyesight and are nocturnal, which gives them a strong connection to the hidden, unknown realms, intuition, the subconscious, and the otherworld beyond the veil.

They use their electric field to interact with their surroundings and things that go unseen to them. 

They’re also energy masters

Electric eels release electric signals into the water through their tails, which creates an electric field.

They use it to gather information about anything that enters that field, including location, size, shape, gender, and age—and whether they’re an enemy or suitable mate.

Electric eels call to you to learn to consciously control your energy field, a.k.a. your aura or biofield.

Whatever you call it, this is YOUR personal energy bubble. 

Practices such as meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki, certain shamanic exercises and more can help you learn to expand and contract your field, and also amplify and direct different kinds of energy. 

Here’s a simple example of how that works in real life. 

Think about the effect different people you know have when they enter a room. 

Some lighten the vibe. Some bring it instantly down or make everyone uncomfortable. Some make everyone inexplicably happier. 

This all has to do with THEIR energy field, and what they’re emanating (whether they know it or not).  

Keep a broad view, but notice all the details

Because they don’t have teeth, electric eels swallow their food whole and then digest it slowly.

This teaches you to observe the big picture with situations in your life, but also be able to break it down into its component parts and examine them separately.  

Meaning of electric eel totem 

When Electric Eel shows up for you, or if this spirit is your animal totem, expect transformation through the electric  creative life force of the kundalini or your heart center (the body’s most powerful electromagnetic field, according to the HearthMath Institute).

Electric Eel meditation exercise

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate steadies and slows.

Place your hand on your heart and ask the Electric Eel spirit to join you and offer its guidance.   


Where is the best place to focus my creative energy right now?

Am I spinning my wheels on projects or relationships that aren’t going anywhere?

Where can I direct my attention and make a lot of really positive forward motion?   

And then? Listen.

When you’re done, thank Electric Eel for joining you.

Write down any impressions or thoughts you may have. Over the next few days, reflect on your notes and see how they apply to your life right now.

Also, watch for eels or eel imagery showing up for you in unexpected places!

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