When the same card falls out of 3 different decks, it’s time to pay attention. Let’s talk about the meaning of the Fox totem and fox animal medicine!

I’ve included a short fox totem meditation at the end of this post to help you connect to fox energy.

Fox totem can teach you to shapeshift

Foxes are liminal creatures, walking blithely through the in-between places, masters of magic, shapeshifting, adaptability, and invisibility.

Fox medicine is extra potent at night, dawn, and dusk—those times when the mundane world and the otherworld overlap.

When Fox shows up for you, it’s a call to learn how to shapeshift and use the power of invisibility, camouflage, and adaptation to make the most of your surroundings.

A lot of this work is about learning to consciously control your energy field (a.k.a. aura, biofield, etc.), and how you expand—or contract—your energy to harmonize or contrast with what’s around you.

When you become adept at this, you’ll find that you’re more plugged in, and may notice things you might not normally perceive, and that some would consider to be supernatural.

Generally associated with the element of fire, the sacral chakra, and rising kundalini, foxes are powerhouses of creative energy. This makes Fox medicine a potent ally for manifestation.

Fox Totem Meditation Exercise

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate slows and steadies.

Call to Fox to join you in your meditation and offer you some guidance.

Briefly review your day in a detached manner, like you’re watching a movie.

Consider how you interacted with the people and situations around you.


Where did I blend in?

Was I invisible—or the center of attention—at any point?

How could I have adapted better?

And then? Listen.

When you’re done, thank Fox for joining you.

Write down any impressions or thoughts you may have. Over the next few days, reflect on your notes and see how they apply to your life right now.

Also, watch for foxes and fox imagery showing up for you in unexpected places!

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