Foxes are creatures of otherworldly sight, travel, and shapeshifting. When Fox shows up for you, get ready for MAGIC. Let’s talk about Fox totem meaning.

Foxes walk between worlds

Liminal creatures, foxes walk blithely in the in-between places, masters of shapeshifting, adaptability, and invisibility.

They’re cunning, use all their senses, and can be tricksters in certain situations. 

Foxes are agile and swift creatures. Working with their energy provides a good focus for sharpening any or all of your senses. 

Fox medicine is extra potent at night, dawn, and dusk—those times when the mundane world and the otherworld overlap.

Learn to consciously control your energy field

They invite you to develop and use your psychic abilities.

Because they’re active at night, Fox is a very helpful ally for dreamwork, shamanic journeying, and astral travel. 

Foxes can also teach you how to shapeshift and learn to use the power of invisibility, camouflage, and adaptation to make the most of your surroundings.

That means learning to gain conscious control over your energy field to harmonize or contrast with what’s around you.

(Ask: do you want to blend in or stand out?) 

Develop your powers of invisibility

Foxes are known for sneaking into homes and barns undetected to steal food.

Call on them to help develop your powers of invisibility, to help you walk through dangerous situations undetected.

They can also help you sort out if you’re being less than honest with yourself or someone in your life.     

When you become adept at working with Fox energy, you’ll find that you’re more plugged in, and may notice things you might not normally perceive. Things that some would consider to be supernatural.

Work with Fox energy to manifest your desires

Fox is associated with the element of fire, the sacral chakra, and rising kundalini, foxes are powerhouses of creative energy.

This makes Fox medicine a potent ally for manifestation.

Is Fox your totem animal spirit?

Do you work with Fox spirit? Does its energy resonate with you?

How will YOU work with fox energy? Drop me a comment below, I’d love it if you shared! 

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