Blessed Harvest Moon from Salem, Massachusetts! Try these full moon rituals to make the most of the moon’s energy.

Take a sea salt bath

Salt water is cleansing, and resonates with the cycles of the moon just like the tides do. It’s one of my favorite full moon ritual.

Draw a hot bath. Toss a handful of good sea salt into the tub. Add a few drops of lavender or orange essential oil.

Set your intention that you are cleansed and clear of any energy not aligned with your own.

Sink into the tub. Focus on your breathing. Feel any incongruous energy leech out of you and flow into the water around you. Envision the sea salt neutralizing it.

When you are ready, pull the plug in the tub to drain it. Remain in the tub. Watch the water swirl away from you. As it circles the drain, envision that anything you don’t attached to you goes with it.

Get out of the tub. Pat dry. Rub yourself with aloe and healing oils.

Bless and cleanse your space

Another one of my favoriet full moon rituals is to bless and cleanse my sacred space, as well as my whole home.

Light a sage smudge stick or burn some Frankincense and Myhrr incense.

Walk through each room in your house, circling it clockwise as you walk.

As you walk, envision any energy not aligned with your own leaving your house through the windows.

When you leave each room, say something along the lines of: “This room is cleansed and clear and pure.”

Repeat with each room until you’ve done your whole house.

Charge your crystals and jewelry in moonlight

Here’s another simple full moon ritual that’s also really powerful. Capture the energy of the full moon in your crystals!

Wash your crystals and jewelry in mild, warm (not hot!) soapy water. Rinse and dry well.

After dark, once the full moon has risen, place them on a windowsill where the moonlight can fall on them.

Leave them overnight. In the morning, remove them. Acknowledge that they are filled with the beautiful, potent energy of the moon.

Use and wear them as you normally would.

Are you planning any full moon rituals?

Leave a comment below, let me know!

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