Why should you cleanse your crystals?

Crystals are little energy vacuums. Learn my top 5 ways to keep their energy clear of vibes that aren’t in line with your own.

They absorb energy from their surroundings, including the people they’re around.

So, when you buy a new crystal, it’s been soaking in the energetic environment of the store it was in, the people who work in the shop, the customers who handled it, etc.

That’s why, when you purchase a new crystal, you want to ensure that it’s aligned with YOUR energy.

This is where cleansing your crystals comes in.

Top 5 ways to cleanse crystals

There are a lot of ways you can cleanse your crystals. It’s easy to do.

These crystal cleansing methods apply to quartz crystal–as well as other stones and crystals you may find (for example, lapis lazuli, emerald, tigers eye, etc.).

Here are my top 5. Which ones resonate for you?

1. Cleanse crystals in water (running water or salt water)

Water is a master cleaner.

To cleanse your crystal in water, simply hold your crystal under running water.

That can be in a stream, the ocean, or your sink or tub.

Crystals are temperature sensitive, so I like to use cool water…not too cold and definitely not hot. (Rapid changes in temperature could cause them to crack and break.)

As you hold the stone in the water, close your eyes and bless the crystal that it’s free from outside influences and that its energy is in line with yours.

You can also make a dilute salt water solution (say, 1 teaspoon of salt dissolved in a cup of water).

Soak your crystal overnight with the same intention that its energy is cleared.

For extra bang, use sea salt (to tap the cleansing power of the ocean) or Kosher salt (it’s been blessed by a Rabbi, and many consider it to be a sort of holy salt).

A few types of crystals can be damaged by salt and/or water, so do a quick google before you get started. (For example, selenite crystal will actually dissolve if left in water long enough.)

2. Cleanse crystals in light (sunlight or moonlight)

Light is another great way to clear crystals of residual energy.

Leave your crystals outside in the sun during the day–or under moonlight at night.

Should you use sunlight or moonlight?


See what feels right to you for your situation and the particular stone you’re working with. (Some people vibe on solar energy way more than lunar, and vice versa. Do what works for you.)

If you don’t want to (or can’t) leave them outside, set them on a windowsill where they’ll get sunlight or moonlight.

If you choose to use sunlight, make sure you place your crystals in a place where they won’t get too hot (and potentially start a fire…think about how a you can start a fire with sunlight and a magnifying glass).

When you put them down to clear, set a quick intention that the light beams away any energies not aligned with your own.

3. Cleanse your crystals with a master cleansing crystal, like selenite

Some crystals are so powerfully clear that they can purify the energy of most other stones.

Master cleansing crystals include selenite, kyanite, and black tourmaline.

To use these crystals to clear other crystals, simply place them so that they are either touching or in very close proximity.

Some people will use a selenite charging plate (basically, a flat piece of selenite that’s usually polished and sometimes engraved with sacred symbols). I have one of these.
I also have a huge chunk of black tourmaline that I like to drape my jewelry over at the end of a long, stressful day.

You could also keep a small bowl of tumbled black tourmaline or kyanite, and submerge the stones you want cleared in it.

4. Cleanse your crystals in smoke (incense or smudge smoke)

This is a big one that I know a lot of folks love.

Smudge smoke–from sage in particular–is a earthy favorite for cleaning crystals.

To clear your crystals using smoke, simply wave them through incense or smudge smoke.

Or use a smudge wand (typically made of feathers and other sacred adornments) to waft the smoke over your stones.

As you cense your stones, say a blessing aloud that they are clear and pure and free from outside influence.

I like to clear crystals by passing them through Frankincense resin smoke several times.

5. Cleanse your crystals with visualization

You’ll hear me talk a lot about the power of your consciousness and imagination. They can be potent tools to clear crystals.

New to visualization? Check this out.

To cleanse your crystals through visualization, settle yourself down and do a quickie meditation to ground and center yourself. (If you’re not a meditator, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for a few minutes.)

When you feel ready, hold your crystal in your hand or place it in front of you.

Envision a beam of white light penetrating your crystal to its center.

See the light radiating out around it, until it is completely engulfed.

Say aloud in a strong, confident voice:

“You are cleansed. You are clear. You are free from any energies and memories not aligned with mine. This is my will. And it is done.”

How do you cleanse your crystals?

These are my top 5 ways to cleanse crystals–but they’re not the only ways by far.

Some people bury their crystals in the earth for a period of time.

Others sing to them (true story), or use the cleansing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls or other kinds of music.

How do you clear your crystals? Leave a comment below! Please share your tips!

Next up! Infusing your crystal with an intention

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