Everything is energy. Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything is vibration. Try this simple meditation to dive deeper into your own personal energy, understand how you can control it, and help remove limiting beliefs.

Some energy is really dense, and we perceive it as physical matter (rocks, chairs, humans).

Some vibrates at a higher frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum (sound and light).

Thoughts are things

Now, in the Hermetic tradition, thoughts also have their own vibration, and you can learn to control them to create change in your life–and gain mastery over your body, mind, and spirit.

When you consider your thoughts in this light, you can see how they’re filled with a ton of raw power and potential.

This is what a lot of folks are getting at when they say thoughts are things–and that if you focus hard enough on something (along with doing some real-world legwork), you’ll make it manifest.

Let’s get practical

If thoughts are things, that means you don’t have to be a prisoner in your mind, body, or circumstances.

You have the tools to make powerful change and shape your reality to match your desires.

That means your job, relationships, health–and to some extent, the lives of the people around you.

Meditation exercise to remove limiting beliefs

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate steadies and slows.


What is something that I believe strongly about myself?

How is that belief limiting? (Be open minded, consider many different possibilities here, even the ones that don’t immediately make sense.)

What could I replace that belief with that would serve me better and help me improve myself?

And then? Listen.

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