The new moon, also called the dark moon, is a time of introspection, cleansing and releasing. Try these new moon rituals to connect with this powerful lunar energy.

Set intentions for what you want to manifest

It’s also the perfect time to plant the seeds for what you want to manifest in the coming weeks, as the moon begins to wax.  

Why do new moon rituals?

For some people, doing spiritual work during new moon may be a serene act that’s quiet, reverent and contemplative.

They might meditate, quietly clear their home and sacred space with incense or a smudge stick, then sit and contemplate what they want to accomplish in the next month. 

For others, dark moon rituals can be a raucous, noisy, explosive situation.

I’m talking about throwing open all the windows, cranking the music, cleaning like a fiend…then lighting a huge bonfire, BBQing with friends and setting goals for the coming weeks. 

Or anything in between.

Remember, forget the dogma. What feels right to you, is right for you.

The new moon is the perfect time for cleansing, releasing, and manifesting. Let’s look at how you can tap into that energy.

New moon rituals

1. Cleansing

Bless your home and sacred space with Frankincense incense or white sage smudge smoke.

Take a spiritual bath with sea salt, lavender essential oil, and rose petals. Envision all your worry and any energy not aligned with your own dissolving into the water and leaving you squeaky clean.

2. Releasing

Think of something you want to remove from your life. Write it down on a piece of paper. Light a candle, and set the paper aflame.

As it burns, state firmly, “I release this energy from my life. I no longer need it. It is no longer attached to me, and I am moving forward clearly and cleanly without it. It has no power over me.”

3. Manifesting

On the night of the new moon, the energy is on the edge of moving from waning (getting smaller) to waxing (becoming more expansive).

Write down something that you want to draw into your life and expand. Roll the paper into a tight scroll. Tie it with a red ribbon or piece of yarn.

Keep this scroll by your bedside. Before you go to sleep every night, hold the scroll and reaffirm your intention and goal.

Do this for a full, 28-day moon cycle and wait for the magic to start to happen.

So, what will YOU do during the new moon?

Drop me a comment below, I’d love it if you shared!

Me? I’m all about FIRE FIRE FIRE this new moon.

Fire to release and fire to manifest. That means candles and bonfires and BBQ.

New moon meditation exercise

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate steadies + slows.    


What is holding me back right now?

How can I release that from my life?

And what can I replace it with that will help me make solid progress toward my goals?

And then? Listen. 

Write down any thoughts or impressions you have when you are done.

Look back on these notes over the next few days and use them to help reflect on how you’ll move forward in the days to come.

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