Where thought goes, energy flows. Let’s explore the power of attention and how your focus helps create your reality.

So, when you’re trying to consciously create the life you want, where you place your attention and focus is very important.

What is the power of attention?

You’ve heard people say things before like:

Oh that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

You get back what you put out.

Whatever you send out into the universe comes back to you threefold.

It’s the law of attraction.

And on and on.

It’s so easy, when you are worried about something, to stay laser focused on the negative outcome that you don’t actually want. By doing this, you’re actually drawing that undesired result to you.

So how do you counter that? It’s difficult, especially if you’re emotionally charged about something, to pivot your focus away from worrying and towards a positive outcome.

An example of how the power of attention works

Let’s look at an example to see how this can work.

Say you have a conflict with someone at work. You can’t stand this person for some reason. They just rub you the wrong way. Maybe it’s justified (they screwed up your big project!) or maybe it’s not. It honestly doesn’t matter on a certain level.

Now, say you’re gossiping about them frequently with sympathetic coworkers. You’re talking about them when you go home at night. You’re so pissed at them that they are, in fact, All. That. You. Can. Think. About.

The more you focus on this person, the more you may notice that they’re in your way. You’re running into them in the hallway, getting extra emails and calls from them, maybe you’re even bumping into them on the subway.

How is that possible? You hate them! The way the power of attention works, you’re actually strengthening the energetic bond between the two of you because you’re so focused on them.

You with me?

So? If you don’t like something, take away its only power: Your attention.

In the example above, how could you handle it? Whenever you see the person, just dust it. Reinforce it with an internal affirmation that works for you. Maybe something like: “Oh, whatever, it’s them again. No big deal and I don’t care.”

When you find yourself starting to gossip about them, STOP. Direct your attention elsewhere. Instead, talk to your coworkers about something positive that you want to accomplish. The project you’re working on that’s going well. Your awesome plans for the weekend.

See what I mean?

Here’s a simple exercise to explore how that works for you in your personal life.

Power of attention meditation exercise

Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing until your heart rate steadies and slows.

Think of something that has been consuming a lot of your attention lately. It could be a situation, a person, or a goal you have.


How am I directing my attention in this situation?

Am I focused on the outcome that I actually desire?

Am I mired in worry or anger? Am I focused too much on the thing that I don’t actually want?

And then? Listen. 

Write down any thoughts and impressions you have when you are finished. Look back on your notes over the next few days. Sit in meditation with them to explore what you unearthed in greater depth.

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