DAILY READING—Pick a card! Today, I’m using the gorgeous shadow edition of the Threads of Fate oracle deck. I’m posting this at the beginning of December 2019, but this daily reading applies to you, TODAY, if you’ve come across it.

Don’t overthink which card you choose.

See which card you’re intuitively drawn to. It’s usually an instant reaction, before your conscious brain kicks in and starts to logic out which one it thinks you’re interested in.

See the cards and get your reading below

Here are all 3 cards in this spread. Today’s message is all about motion.

The idea of motion can mean a lot of things.

Including its opposite, stillness.

So, whether it’s withdrawing and becoming quiet, moving to create change, or transmuting existing energies into something new, let’s see what these cards have to say and what they may mean for you. 

The Fox: Withdraw 

Card 1, on the left

Fox energy is all about mystery, magick, and that which is not easily perceived.

Foxes walk in the in-between realms, with one foot in the physical world and one beyond the veil.

Fox calls on you to go inside and use your intuition and inner vision.

If this was your card, ask yourself: Have I taken on too much recently?

Take a step back and examine what’s occupying most of your focus.

Is it productive? Or are you stuck in a negative loop?

What’s one small thing you can change to help reset things into a better rhythm for yourself?

(Learn more about Fox animal spirit medicine here or do a quick meditation to connect with Fox energy here.)

The Snake and Egg: Movement

Card 2, Middle

Snake energy is all about smooth motion and rebirth.

The snake has poor vision, and relies on its other senses to understand its environment.

Close your eyes and think of a situation where you feel stalled right now..

If this was your card, ask yourself: What do I need to do to move forward with this?

Am I avoiding something I shouldn’t?

Do I need to shed the skin of an old belief in order to move forward with strength and power?

The Bee: Transmute

Card 3, Left

Bees are master alchemists, turning raw flower nectar into sweet, nourishing honey.

These golden insect spirits have a strong connection to Sun energy and sacred geometry, naturally building their hives in sturdy, hexagonal shapes.

For example, think of the hexagram. This balanced, 6-pointed star contains within it the alchemical symbols for the elements of earth, air, water, and fire.

This potent elemental energy can help you transmute something less than ideal in your life into something more desirable.

If this was your card, explore your possibilities for change and ask yourself: Where could I benefit from more sweetness in my life?

What’s one thing I can do to initiate change for the better?   

Learn more about the meaning of the Bee totem here. 

Which card did you pick?

Drop me a comment below, let me know! Did my reading resonate for you?

I’d love to know what these cards mean for you!

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